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My name is Siamak Roshani. I am currently a senior character artist at Ubisoft, in charge of modeling, texturing,shading,hair and much more. My 12 years of professional experience includes working  with companies like Realtime Uk, PlasticWax, Darkside Studios, and many more has given me the ability of multitasking and being able to create art as well as being an expert in technical part of the job. Also I have worked both in Game and Film industry as well as cinematic projects.Same has given me the ability to think both technically and artistically. 
If you need to know more about me, please do feel free to contact me via my e-mail.
Thanks for visiting my website and showing interest in my work.

Email: Siamak.roshani@gmail.com


Featured on expose 11 with a Master Award!
Featured in Digirtal Art Masters 8.                                                

Featured in 3D worldmagazine issue 164 with a making of of the ranger portrait                                                              

3DTotall Excellence Award for my Mafia Man work And God of war Sculpt.

 Featured in 3D world Magazine Issue 160  

Being featured on Pixologic and zbrushcentral

CGfeedback Toprow Awards

(Mafia Man, StoneFist & Bruce Lee)

3DTotall SpeedSculpting silver awards

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